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Tjmaxxfeedback: Nothing can give you a surprise more than by getting a gift card from your favourite stores. One of the renewing departmental stores in the US, Tjmaxx will give a good gift to its customers who will win the Tjmaxxfeedback survey. Just, sparing a few minutes from your leisure time can earn you a valid gift card for free shopping worth $500. In this article, we will explain you to how to get the gift card and about the survey and the rules and regulations of the survey. So please read the complete article and check your fortune.

About TJMaxx

The Tjmaxx is an American departmental store chain, selling various kind of household things, accessories, garments, etc. So, it is a holistic store which is selling all kind of necessary and essential things for your houses and yourself too. The Tjmaxx was founded in the late ’70s (1976) in Framingham, Massachusetts by Bernard Cammarata. And then it has started its e-commerce in March 2009.

About tjmaxx
About Tj Maxx

At the beginning of the e-commerce, it was selling handbag items only and later it expands into selling the range of items that were further expanded to clothing, shoes, jewellery, other accessories, and home goods. Tjmaxx enriched its imprints all over the country. In the UK, TJ Maxx is known as TK Maxx and also it has branches in Poland, The Netherlands and Germany also. Tjmaxx is a shop for all kind of economic people. Each and every sector of the people can buy a thing in the Tjmaxx. You can also search for TJX Canada Opinion Survey to win a $1000 free coupon

TJMaxx survey

As we said above the Tjmaxx is conducting a Tjmaxxfeedback survey for its customers and give a gift card worth $500 to the winner of the survey. This survey is based on the customer’s recent visit to its shops. The conceptual idea of this survey is to get feedback and comments about their service and hygiene and hospitality from their customers. Because Tjmaxx wants to improvise on their own in all the aspects.

Tjmaxxfeedback survey
Tjmaxxfeedback survey

The Tjmaxxfeedback survey gets just 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The purchase is mandatory only if you want to take the Tjmaxx survey online. While in the mail entry method customers can enter into the Tjmaxx sweepstakes directly without doing the survey. You can also take Storeopinion Survey to win a $ 1000 PC gift card

Entryways to Tjmaxx’s sweepstakes

There are two ways to enter into the Tjmaxxfeedback survey sweepstakes.

  1. By online
  2. By mail

Take TJmaxx Survey by online

You have to participate in the Tjmaxxfeedback survey if you want to the sweepstake in online mode. As we said above the purchase is mandatory to participate in the survey. Now we will see the methods of doing the survey.

Tjmaxx survey feedback
Tjmaxx survey feedback
  • Next, you enter your T.J. Maxx survey number, date, and time of your visit from your T.J. Maxx receipt to begin the survey.
  • You can also able to change the language into Spanish.
Tjmaxx survey questions
Tjmaxx survey questions
  • Then there are 5 columns to rate your experience. You have to choose one option based on your recent experience with Tjmaxx’s.
  • Now there are 5 multiple choice questions to answer and you have to choose one according to your recent visit.
  • After completing the above procedures, you will be asked to enter the T.J. Maxx monthly sweepstakes to win. And you have to click one option either yes or no.

Take TJmaxx Survey by Mail

If you want to enter in the Tjmaxx Feedback survey sweepstake then there no need to participate in the survey. So here the purchase code is not mandatory. Entrant has to send their details in handwritten form only. The mail must contain your full name, address, city, state, ZIP code, phone number, and email address to,

T.J. Maxx “Customer Satisfaction”,
PO Box 153,
NY 14502-0153.

About the selections

Tjmaxxfeedback survey sweepstakes started from January 1, 2021, 12 AM onwards and will end December 31, 2021, at 11.59 PM. So, this Tjmaxxfeedback survey will conduct throughout the year. There are 12 entry periods for the sweepstake. There will be only one lucky winner for one entry.

Tjmaxxfeedback survey questions
Tjmaxxfeedback survey questions

The random drawings are February 10, March 10, April 10, May 10, June 10, July 10, August 10, September 10, October 10, November 10, December 10, 2021, and January 10, 2022. The selection process of the Tjmaxxfeedback survey sweepstake is fully unbiased. There will be no inequalities to be followed in the drawings.

About the Prize

The lucky winner of the Tjmaxxfeedback survey sweepstake will get a free gift card worth $500. Each month there will be a person will get a Tjmaxx’s $500 gift card. once the contestants complete the T. J. Maxx you will win the reward. The rules and regulations to be followed for the T. J. Maxx Guest experience survey,

  • There is no need for any purchase to win
  • The client must be a resident of the United States and District of Columbia to participate in the survey.
  • The contestants must have been completed 18 years to perform the T. J. Maxx survey.
  • Only one entry per person invalid per month, per mailing to perform in the survey and to win the rewards.
  • The total winner drawings will be about 12 per Tjmaxxfeedback survey sweepstakes period of time.
  • Any employee affiliation is not allowed in the T. J. Maxx Guest Experience survey.
  • By going behind these rules one can complete the survey.

Requirements for T. J. Maxx Survey

  • The contestants should know the language English and Spanish
  • To perform the Tjmaxxfeedback survey, the contestants need the receipt while visiting
  • Then any devices like laptops, smartphones or desktops are needed to perform the survey.
  • The contestants should be 18 years of age.
  • Good internet connection is also need
  • The above mentioned are few requirements to participate in this T. J. Maxx feedback survey.

TJMaxx Survey FAQ’S

1. Can I have two entries in a month with the receipt?
Ans: No only one entry per month is allowed.

2. Does 15 years old customer can participate in the T. J. Maxx feedback survey?
Ans: No, only the customer who is 18 years of old can perform this T. J. Maxx feedback survey.


Using the above rules, regulations and procedures the contestants can perform and complete their Tjmaxxfeedback survey easily which helps them to win the rewards. Any further questions or doubts can mention below

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