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Tellmellow com: How can one stop loving pizzas? For all pizza lovers here is good news and it is all about Mello Mushroom. All the pizza lovers in and around Atlanta, Georgia might be aware of Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers in the American Pizza restaurant chain which was based in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia just as a single pizza hut. But now it has been a chain where they provide a treat for taste buds. Mellow Mushroom is all about pizza but also, they provide calzones, hoagies, salads, appetizers, and also a wide beer selection.

Tellmellow com
Tellmellow com

All their restaurants have good service with tie-dye and colourful mushrooms-themed ambience. If you want your taste buds to get intensified or if you are fond of pizza, you can visit Mellow Mushroom along with your friends and family immediately. If you are a regular customer of Mellow Mushroom then you might have been heard about Tellmellow com, which is all about the customer satisfaction survey.

Tellmellow com survey

This is a customer satisfaction survey arranged by Mellow Mushroom to get to know about customer’s feedback and suggestions through it. So, once you visit Mello Mushroom and enjoy their food you can perform this Tellmellow com survey. This Tellmellow com survey will be in the form of answering few questions regarding their food, service, and the atmosphere at Mellow Mushroom. As they have decided to base their restaurant still wider among many people so, this Customer satisfaction survey will be useful for them. You can also search for HoneyBaked Survey to win a free coupon.

Tellmellow com
Tellmellow com

In this post let us see in detail about this Tellmellow com survey also about its terms and conditions. Mellow Mushroom always makes their customers happy so in the same way for those who participate in this survey are given rewards.

Rules to follow Tellmellow com

Let us see about the few rules framed by Mellow Mushroom to perform this Tellmellow customer satisfaction survey.

  1. The participate in this Tellmellow survey, the customer must be a legal resident of the United States of America to complete this survey.
  2. The important rule to complete this survey is that the participant should have the receipt of Mellow Mushroom on a recent visit.
  3. The Tellmellow survey must be completed within a week of receipt has got from the restaurant.
  4. In a month one can take nearly 5 Tellmellow com surveys
  5. The participant of the Mellow Mushroom customer satisfaction survey must be familiar with the English language to learn and also to write.
  6. Once you complete the survey, you may get your validation code to get your offer which can be used in the next visit to Mellow Mushroom
  7. The rewards cannot be shared with another person other than the participant

The above are the important rules which have to be followed completely to perform this Mellow Mushroom Customer satisfaction survey which is also said to be a Tellmellow com survey on their official website.

Requirements to perform Tellmellow survey

The important requirements to perform this Tellmellow com survey are as follows,

  1. The survey performer should have devices like laptops, desktops, and mobile phones to complete the survey.
  2. And customer should have English language proficiency to complete the Tellmellow com survey.
  3. A valid receipt from the Mellow Mushroom is a must to perform this Survey.

The above are the needed requirements to take up this Mello Mushroom customer satisfaction survey in order to get your validation code as a reward.

Rewards for Tellmellow com survey

As mentioned above, all the participants of the survey who complete it successfully will be provided rewards. Once the Mellow Mushroom customer satisfaction survey has completed it will provide you with a chance to grab a reward with the help of a validation code worth a $5 off discount which can be redeemed on your next visit to the Mellow Mushroom restaurant.

Steps to perform Tellmellow com survey

The procedure to perform this Tellmellow survey are mentioned step by step below,

  1. Initially visit the official website of the Tell mellow survey to complete this Mellow Mushroom customer satisfaction survey www.Tellmellow.com
  2. Then it will ask you for the 16-digit code mentioned in your receipt of Mellow Mushroom on a recent visit.
    Tellmellow com
    Tellmellow com
  3. After entering the code click the next option.
  4. Now you will get few questions on the screen based on the food, services, and atmosphere of the restaurant.
  5. Answer all the questions truly based on your recent experience at Mello Mushroom restaurant.
  6. After answering all the questions, you will get a validation code that can be used to redeem your offer on your next visit to Mellow Mushroom restaurant.
    Tellmellow com
    Tellmellow com
  7. After completing all the above-mentioned procedures just submit the survey by opting for the “submit survey” option.

By following the above procedures mentioned completely one can perform a Tellmellow com survey without any interruptions.

Frequently answered questions

1. Can I get my rewards as cashback from the Tellmellow com survey?

Ans: No, the rewards will not be cash instead it will be a validation code that can be redeemed later on the next visit.

 2. Can my rewards be taken by other people instead of me?

Ans: No, rewards only be provided for the performer of the survey


This Tellmellow com survey is an opportunity to win the coupon code. Mellow Mushroom is popular for its pizza and other fast foods. This survey is specifically arranged to know more about their customers and to develop their restaurant to the next level. This customer feedback and suggestions will help the Mellow Mushroom for their improvement. So, visit your Mellow Mushroom restaurant, enjoy your pizza, complete the survey, finally grab your validation code, and enjoy at your next visit. For any queries please mention it below in the comment section.

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