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Publixsurvey: Are you a customer of the great prestigious supermarket PUBLIX? Then there is an opportunity to win a $1000 gift card by the PUBLIX. Yes! you heard it right it’s not about just 100 or 200 dollars it’s about a $1000 gift card. To get this reward all we have to do is participate in a simple Publixsurvey. In this article, let’s see how to participate and the eligibility and qualities to participate in this survey.

Take Publixsurvey
Take Publixsurvey

PUBLIX is one of the prestigious private entity which gives quality service to its customers for close to 90 years! However, its primary source of profit is coming from the supermarkets and grocery stores only. Publix gives exciting offers in recent times to attract their customers. Recently due to its growing pandemic, Publix shifted all its services in online mode to ensure its customer’s safety. Yes, now you can receive all your grocery products and necessary household things at your doorstep by clicking a single button from your home. So, there is no need to go outside to buy your necessary products. It’s Publix official survey which is worth $1000. Stay home and stay safe and stay always connecting with Publix. Do you want to win a $500 Gift prize? Then take Firehouselistens Survey and ACME Market Survey to win a $500 gift card.

About Publixsurvey

Have you ever had a bitter experience in the Publix stores? Is there is any damaged products that will sell in your surrounding Publix stores? Then you don’t wait to complain or applaud their efforts. Just log in to PublixSurvey.com and can leave feedback whenever you want.

About publixsurvey
About Publix survey

Apart from taking their service online Publix also developed its feedback portal recently. It consists of rudimentary series of questions to easily understand by the customers and have multiple choices to perform their choices. This Publix survey focuses on the needs of the customers, right from the cleanliness of the store down to the level of service provided.

Why Publix survey?

There are several avenues other than Publixsurvey of leaving your feedback for Publix. There is a customer care service and there is an email service to give your feedback or queries or appreciation to Publix. Even though you can directly go to the Publix stores and contact the store manager to give your feedback. Here there are some of the benefits you can gain by taking the Publixsurvey. Their official website, www.PublixSurvey.com, can be easily accessed in the confines of your home, as can as you have a simple internet connection and have a device with a web browser.

Why publixsurvey
Why publixsurvey

The website compatible with smartphone devices also so it can be performed anytime at anywhere. As we said above, the questions are rudimentary and have multiple choices for answer the rudimentary questions. And you can also give your feedback and give some suggestions also in a comment box. To complete and submit the survey takes only 10 minutes. Right after submitting the survey, you will automatically enter into an amazing draw where you stand to win a $1000 prize! So ideally the Publix gives you $100 per minute!! Win a $1000 Gift Card in www.PublixSurvey.com Survey. There are some terms and conditions to entered and conquered the $1000 gift card.

PublixSurvey Requirements

There are some terms and conditions to entered and conquered the $1000 gift card.

  • Only those people who are all 18 years old and older than that only can take a part in PublixSurvey
  • The residents of only those states where Publix is active can participate in PublixSurvey. For example, if you are lives in DC where Publix is not available you can’t participate in the public survey.
  • You ought to know how to converse and write in either English or France.
  • You need to own a laptop, PC, tablet, smart mobiles to take the survey online.
  • The mandatory provision is you have the Publix purchase receipt to take the PublixSurvey.

PublixSurvey Restrictions

  • All the stakeholders and associates of Publix are restricted to take a part in the survey.
  • If you are not living in the regions where Publix are active then you can’t participate in the survey.
  • You can’t participate in a survey without the Publix purchase receipt.
  • If you manage to win the $1000 worth gift card then it’s only for your personal use at any Publix supermarkets.
  • It’s not liable to sell it for cash or transfer it to anyone else.

Instructions to participate in the survey

  • To participate in this survey all have to do is the first Login to the website which is www.PublixSurvey.com – and enter the homepage through mobile devices, PCs, and Tablets as well as by using a simple internet connection.
Publix survey questions
Publix survey questions
  • There, you will find two options for language as English and Spanish. You have to click either one of the languages to perform furthermore.
  • Refer to the latest Publix receipt for the survey invitation code and enter it.
  • Then you have to enter into the questions area and then have to answer all the questions honestly. You have answered the questions solely without any others intervention.
Publix survey questions
Publix survey questions
  • Then, in some places, it requires your personal details and please provide your personal details where ever it is required.
  • As the last step, you have to submit PublixSurvey.

About Publix

Publix is one of the prestigious and people’s trustworthy business in the United States of America. The first Publix store was started in 1930 from then to till now it earns people trust and respect. Publix is one of the largest employee-owned business in the US. Only those who work in any Publix store are allowed to stake in the company, apart from the founder’s family.

Publix Survey Gift card
Publix Survey Gift card

The founder of Publix was George W. Jenkins. Publix reached a 1million dollar mark profit in just the span of 26 years. Now they have to plan to expand their regions beyond that and they need the people to support them to achieve this.


Publix plays an indispensable part in US people lives in this pandemic. Yes, it provides its services online and makes people stay safely at home. And now Publix provides $1000 worth of gift card by taking a rudimentary PublixSurvey. So, the people can earn $1000 in a span of just 10 minutes! Head on to www.PublixSurvey.com and check your fortune.


1. How to participate in the survey?
Ans: You can participate in the survey by visiting the www.PublixSurvey.com

2. Is there an age limit to participate in the survey?
Ans: Yes, to participate in the survey you have to attain 18 years old or older than that.

3. In how many languages we can perform in the survey?
Ans: There are 2 languages, English & Spanish are available to do the survey.

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