Take Costa Vida Survey @ Costa Vida – Win $100 Free Coupon

Costa Vida – an American Fast Casual Restaurant chain, a fresh Mexican Grill serves the best fast food, and also, they offer much more Mexican foods. The Costavida is specialized in Mexican Cuisine which includes appetizers, tostadas, salads, burritos, desserts, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, soups, and beverages. If you have the carvings for the grill then immediately make a visit or order your food at Costavida and enjoy your day happier ahead.

Costa Vida
Costa Vida

Once you visit Costa Vida you would again visit them along with your family and friends to have a great time and delicious food there. It also had arranged for customer satisfaction surveys to hear from their customers in the form of feedback or as suggestions.

Costa Vida takes this survey very seriously as this feedbacks and suggestions will help them to develop them further and also will help them to reach more people by improving their standards in all aspects. In this post let us see in brief about Costa Vida and also about their customer feedback survey, about their terms and conditions too.

Costa Vida customer feedback survey

Costa Vida customer feedback/ satisfaction survey was arranged by Costavida to know about their valuable customer’s thoughts and suggestions based on their experience regarding food, services, and their services by employees. Once the survey is completed you will get a chance to win rewards in return from them.

Costa Vida Store
Costa Vida Store

This feedback survey is not only to submit your opinions but also to express your complaints regarding Costavida, their food and also about services too. As soon as you complete their survey by following all their terms and conditions, at last, you will get Costavida coupons as rewards for free food at your next visit to CostaVida. So, enter into the survey page of CostaVida and grab your free coupons for your favourite food ever. You can also search for Chilisurvey and Hy Vee Survey to win $1000 cash as a reward.

CostaVida Rules

CostaVida has framed a few rules and regulations on their own in order to perform their survey without any hindrances. However, your feedback is, either positive or negative they will provide the rewards regardless of your opinion. Now let us see their rules as following,

  1. The survey participant must be 18 years of age or above to perform this CostaVida.
  2. The receipt of CostaVida which you got from your previous visit to Costavida is needed to participate in this survey.
  3. One participant must use only one coupon at once.
  4. Language like English must be familiar for the participant.
  5. To redeem your reward at your next visit to CostaVida you must have the receipt.
  6. The rewards cannot be redeemed as cash or in any other form.
  7. The employees of Costavida cannot participate in this survey to win the rewards.

CostaVida Requirements

As rules were said above similarly, CostaVida has also said few requirements which are mandatory to perform their survey. Let us see the requirements to perform CostaVida survey,

  1. CostaVida receipt is a mandatory thing to perform this Costavida survey.
  2. Either computers or laptops or smartphones is needed to perform this CostaVida survey.
  3. A very good internet connection is required to perform this CostaVida survey.
  4. The participant must know the English language to perform this survey.

CostaVida Rewards

As mentioned earlier one who completes the survey can win rewards from CostaVida. Immediately after completing the survey, you will get free CostaVida coupons for food at CostaVida on your next visit.

Costa Vida Procedure to follow

  1. As an initial step visit the official website of Costavida, www.costavidasurvey.com
  2. Now it will ask for the restaurant number to enter to the Costavida survey
    Costa Vida Survey
    Costa Vida Survey
  3. It will ask you for the code mentioned on the receipt which is said to be the invitation for the Costavida survey.
  4. Click next and proceed with the survey page by opting for the language of instructions.
  5. You can find few questions on the survey page to be answered by you based on your recent experience at the Costavida store.
  6. All the questions must be answered by rating your overall satisfaction based on your experience at Costa Vida.
  7. The questions will be based on food, service, staff, cleanliness, environment, and so on.
  8. Once all the questions are answered it will ask you for valid personal details like email Id, address, mobile number.
  9. At last, submit the survey after completing all the above-mentioned steps.
    Costa Vida Coupon
    Costa Vida Coupon
  10. After all the above steps you will receive a Costa Vida coupon code which can be used on your next visit.


1. What is the best about Costavida?
Ans: CostaVida is popular for its Mexican grill.

2. Is there any age limitations for participating in this CostaVida?
Ans: Yes, only those who are 18 years of age or above are allowed to participate in this CostaVida.

3. Can I get cash instead of free food as a reward?
Ans: No, the rewards will be in the form of a coupon which can be redeemed as food at the next visit.


Costa Vida is offering a Costavida survey which is all about the customer satisfaction survey to hear their customer’s thoughts, feedback, and suggestions. Their questions will be like, how delicious their food was? How good their service was? And also, about their hospitality at Costa Vida. Once all the questions are answered truly and honestly, they provide rewards in return for their customers who have to spend their valuable time at the Costavida survey. So, without any delay visit Costavida, participate in their survey and enjoy your rewards. I hope this post might be useful for you. For further queries please mention below in the comment section.

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