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AutoZonecares: AutoZone – the largest American retailer of automotive accessories and parts in the United States. AutoZone has been working for their customers from 1979 till now. AutoZone is said to be the second-largest distributor of automobile parts. They offer high quality and standard level automobile parts for their customers whenever needed. Autozone has around 6400 stores across the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, etc. in case if you are looking for any automobile parts you can visit AutoZone to get your accessories.


It was initially named Auto Shack by its owners Malone and Hyde who were running their grocery business successfully. Then later it was named AutoZone as it gradually developed. On their gradual development, they have been always working for their customers and that helped them to improve their standard day by day. As they always consider their customers, they also arranged for a customer satisfaction survey which is named AutoZoneCares Survey which is all about to know their customers. They are also providing rewards in return to those who participate in this survey.

AutoZonecares survey

AutoZonecares survey was organised by Autozone which is a customer satisfaction survey. It is a wonderful opportunity for those who have recently visited their store and purchases their automobile accessories or any parts. Their survey is normally like answering all the questions asked on their survey page based on your experience at the AutoZone store.

About Autozonecares
About Autozonecares

It will hardly take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time to complete this AutoZonecares survey. As soon as you complete this Autozone cares survey in return they will provide you with a reward of $5000 cashback. In this post let us see in detail this Autozone cares to survey its procedure, rules and requirements to complete the Autozone care survey. You can also search for Longhorn Survey to win a $100 Gift card.

Rules to perform AutoZoneCares survey

AutoZoneCares have framed a few rules and regulations to complete their AutoZone cares Survey by their customers. They are as follows,

  1. The participant of this AutoZoneCares survey should be legal residents of the United States, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.
  2. And to participate in this AutoZone cares one must be 21 years old or above, then only the participants can enter into survey page.
  3. In this AutoZone care survey, no purchase is needed to participate and win the rewards.
  4. Employees of AutoZone store cannot be able to participate in this AutoZone cares survey
  5. The rewards cannot be either transferred to another person. It will be provided to the participants only.
  6. All the taxes after getting rewards must be paid by Winners only.
  7. In this AutoZone cares survey, only one entry can be allowed per month, regardless of the entry methods.
  8. Only one prize can be provided for one participant.

The above are few important rules to be followed by the participants of the AutoZonecares survey. So, by following these rules one can complete this AutoZone Cares survey.

Requirements for AutoZonecares survey

Few requirements to take up this AutoZone cares survey are as follows,

  • The participant must be above 21 years of age
  • They should have devices like laptops, desktops or mobile phones to take up this AutoZone cares survey.
  • The participant must know either of the languages English or Spanish.
  • And most important receipt on a recent visit to Autozone is needed.

Rewards provided for AutoZonecares survey

After completing the AutoZone cares survey by answering all the questions you will be provided with the AutoZone Promo code. With the help of this Code, you can get Sweepstake entry to win your reward an AutoZone Cash Back worth $5000 as a check.

Procedure to complete AutoZoneCares survey

By following the below-given procedures one can complete the AutoZonecares survey without any interruptions and can get their Sweepstakes.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of AutoZone to initiate your AutoZoneCares survey, www.autozonecares.com
Autozonecares survey
Autozonecares survey
  • Then it will ask you to select the country in which you shopped at the AutoZone store.
  • The language should be selected as the next step as either English or Spanish.
  • Then it will ask for the 17-digit reference number from the receipt which was provided for you on your recent visit to the AutoZone store.
  • After you complete the continue button your AutoZone survey will begin.
Autozone survey
Autozone survey
  • Now you can answer all the question given based on your experience at the AutoZone store.
  • After answering all the questions given, you can opt for the next button and continue.
Take Autozonesurvey
Take Autozonesurvey
  • Then it will ask for your personal details like mail ID, mobile number, address.
  • After entering all the details submit your AutoZone cares feedback.
  • After completing by answering all the questions you will get the AutoZone Promo code. With the help of this Code, you can get Sweepstake entry to win your reward.

By following the above procedures one can complete the AutoZone cares survey and win their rewards.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Does everybody around the world can participate in this AutoZone cares survey?
Ans: No, AutoZone cares sweepstake is available only for those who are a legal resident of the United States.

2. Is purchase is necessary for this AutoZone cares survey participation?
Ans: No, all you need is the receipt from the AutoZone of your recent visit.


AutoZone, the largest Distributor of accessories and parts of automobiles in the United States. They have decided to still develop their standards by getting their customers satisfaction. In order to know about their customer’s thoughts, they have arranged for this AutoZonecares survey. So, all their customers here just participate in this AutoZone cares and win your cashback prizes. I hope this post would have been helpful to you all here and further queries can mention below in the comment section.

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