MyFordBenefits Login Guide – Online Process 2020

This information regarding MyFordBenefits is for all the Ford Employees & Retirees.

Are you an on-duty worker or Retiree of Ford Company? If yes, requested you to read this article MyFordBenefits till the end because it is purely for you.

About MyFordBenefits:

  • To get the entire knowledge about different types of insurances and other benefits provided by the Ford Company, an online portal is set up by the Ford Motor Company administration which is known as MyFordBenefits.
  • This online portal is set up by the Ford Motor Company administration for the wellbeing of their employers.
  • In this portal, you will know about all the Benefits/Discounts/Information that is given by Ford Company. This article of MyFordBenefits contains all the core points which are helpful for Ford Employers & Retirees.

Benefits served by the Ford Company to all their Employees & Retirees are:

  1. Insurances: Every employee of Ford Company is as a family member for it. It provides each employee with different insurance packages. Whenever an employee (either on duty or retired) can use this financial help provided by the Ford Company.

 Different kinds of insurances which are provided by the company are:

  • Vision/sight Insurance
  • Dental care Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Insurance for health
  • Supplementary unemployment
  • Insurance against fatal accidents and misconduct
  • Prepaid Legal
  • Insurance for Temporary invalidity
  • Insurance for Long-term invalidity

Discounts :

  • The Ford Company also provides great discounts to all Ford employees/retirees on their purchase of company’s vehicles.
  • To get the entire knowledge about the discounts and benefits for respective Ford vehicles, an online portal is set up by the Ford Motor Company administration which is called as AXZ Plans.

About AXZ Plans:

  • Under this plan, to each employee and retirees of Company; a unique (PIN) number for personnel identification; are allotted. This unique number can either be used by them or they can give it to their family members or relatives to buy the Ford Company vehicle.
  • This AXZ Plans portal can be accessed by using credentials used for MyFord Benefits.
  • In case of any problem to get the above unique number, assistance can be taken on helpline number 1-800-248-444

Information provided on this portal:

This portal also provides the information to its employers about the present and past information (e.g. joining date, retirement date etc.) regarding their association with Ford Company.

  • About Salary and Incentives breakdown of each month.
  • Holidays offered by the company.
  • Information regarding Training periods offered by the company.
  • Information regarding their joining date, retirement dates from the company.
  • The access meant with User Id is Unique one for its employee and can be is accessed for a lifetime in MyFordBenefits portal.

How to Sign Up with MyFordBenefits?

  • Firstly, open your browser click on the official MyFordBenefits link.
  • Click on New User (Written in blue colour).
  • Following window will be opened.



  1. Enter last 4 Digits of Social Security Number (SSN) and Date of Birth (DOB) by selecting an appropriate date, month, and year from the given tabs.

  2. MyFordBenefits will check the provided details in the company’s database directory to make sure whether you are an Employee of Ford company or not.
  3. You will be logged into this official MyFordBenefits portal after general validation/authentication is done. After successful login, you can see all the information about yourself associated with Ford Company. You can see the following details of yourself:
    • Your designation in the company
    • Personal Email address
    • Official email address
    • Phone number
    • House address
    • Blood group
    • About salary breakdown
    • And much more.


Points to Ponder:

  1. Immediately change your User ID and Password after the first login so that anyone can’t access your personal information.
  2. The same pin number can be used by you for both calling the NESC and logging into the website.


 How retired workers can Log In on MyFordBenefits Portal?

  1. Firstly, go to This Link
  2. By using your Ford benefits User ID and Password, Sign in to the portal.
  3. On the Home page, click on Enroll in your retiree health benefits.
  4. Then click on Research and enrol
  5. On benefits page summary, compare or change your benefits.
  6. Click on Confirm Choices

Note: The elections must be submitted by you within 31 days of your retirement.

In a condition, If you forgot your password or User ID

How to Reset Password or User ID of MyFordBenefits?

If you forgot your User ID or Password, then no need to worry. Follow these steps to access this portal again:

  1. Firstly, visit MyFordBenefits official website.
  1. Click on Forgot User ID or Password (written in blue colour).
  1. Enter your SSN and select a birth date.
  2. Proceed with clicking on the continued tab.
  3. From the company, you will receive an email which will contain your new credentials.
  4. By using these new credentials, you can Log in to MyFordBenefits portal again.


We have covered the all information about MyFordBenefits and maybe this will be enough for this article we have covered them all in detail information of how to log in and benefits and all other stuff related to MyFordBenefits.

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