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LongHornsurvey: A man who is ready to explore the world to find places for delicious foods is requested to visit the US-based restaurant LongHorn Steakhouse restaurant. And now the LongHorn is decided to conduct the survey for its sweet customers. Through this Longhornsurvey, the customers and lovers of the LongHorn restaurant will able to get a prize card worth $100. In this article let us see about the LongHorn restaurant and about its survey and also will see the requirements and eligibilities to participate in the Longhorn survey.

About LongHorn Steakhouse

As we mentioned above the LongHorn is the best place for yummy foods. It was founded in 1981 with the collaboration of George McKerrow, Jr. and his best friend Brian. It was owned and operated by Darden Restaurants, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Originally the LongHorn Steakhouse restaurant was started in Georgia. And in 90’s the company imprints in the southern zone and it has its primary locations in the Eastern US. LongHorn restaurants are famous for their theme-based restaurants. It has Western/Texas theme-based restaurants.

About Longhornsurvey
About Longhornsurvey

In each and every restaurant decorated with photos and oil paintings and selected western memorial things to gives meaning to its theme. There is various kind of foods available in the LongHorn Steakhouse restaurants. Their food menu contains a gist of mouth-watering food items. LongHorn Steakhouse restaurants are renowned for their various kind of steak, including its “Flo’s Filet”. Its menu also contains ribs, chicken, salmon, lobster, shrimp, and salads. LongHorn also served pre-cooked meals and side dishes and desserts as well. You can also search KrispyKremeListens Survey and get a chance to win Free Donuts and Coffee

About the LongHornSurvey

Now longhorn is decided to conduct a Longhornsurvey to its customers and give prizes for the winners. The main aim or objective to conduct a survey is to know about their customer’s view and customers satisfaction about their foods, restaurants and hospitality. So, the holistic approach is to get feedback from their customers about their services and through this feedback, they try to improve themselves.

Take Longhornsurvey
Take Longhornsurvey

The epicentre of this survey is the valuable customers of the LongHorn steakhouse restaurant. This survey has been started at 12.01 am CT (Central Time) on May 31, 2021, and ends at 11.59.59 pm CT on August 29, 2021. For the sake of its consumer’s flexibility, the Longhornsurvey consists of three entry periods. You can try Telldunkinbaskin Survey and get a chance to win free Donuts

How to participate in LongHornSurvey?

There are 2 ways are there to participate in the LongHorn survey. There are online and by email.

Entry by Online: We can participate in this survey through the store’s purchase bill. In that bill there a website address printed in the middle of the purchase bill. Through the website, we can enter ourselves to participate in this survey. Online entries must be received on or before 11.59 pm on the last entry date with valid details only those entries are eligible to take a participate in the survey. The valid website for participation in www.LonghornSurvey.com.

Entry by Mail: We can participate in the LongHorn survey by sending a mail to the address. Guest SatisfactionSurvey Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3536, Southbury, CT 06488-3536, USA. The mail contained a handprint of your name, complete address, telephone number, age of the person, and should mention the date in that hand-printed paper. The mail should reach the official address within 8 days after the date of closure.

Eligible candidates for the LongHornSurvey

  1. Should be the citizen of the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, or Canada (excluding Quebec).
  2. Must be completed 18 years or older than that.
  3. Must contain the recent LongHorn restaurant purchase bill.
  4. Persons who know either English or Spanish.

Rules for the LongHornSurvey

  • The citizens of the US, Guam, Puerto or Canada (excluding Quebec) is only entitled to take a part in the survey.
  • You have the Purchase code to take a part in the longhorn survey.
  • One code for one person only.
  • There will be no exchange of prizes.
  • There will be no exchange of the prize winners.
  • Employees, Employers, officials, and directors of the LongHorn Steakhouse are not liable to participate in longhornsurvey.com
  • Also, its franchise, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies and the immediate family members or the members of the same household of such individuals are also not entitled to participate in this survey.
  • The purchase code is valid until they used once on or before the last entry date.
  • There is no limit for the entries.
  • Contestants should have a valid email id.

Requirements for the LongHorn Survey:

  • You must have smartphones, PCs, Tablets or any one of these to perform the survey.
  • You requested to have a simple internet facility which is ample to give answers to question.
  • You ought to know either English or Spanish in a precise manner to participate in the survey.
  • Participants are requiring to have the purchase bill until the winners are revealed.
  • To enter in online mode participants must have a valid email ID.

Ways to perform the Longhorn survey

Longhorn steakhouse survey
Longhorn steakhouse survey
  • Then it requires the purchase code to perform further.
  • And then you have to give the store number and date of visit to the shop and then click the start button.
  • And it requires you to choose the language option either English or Spanish to perform the survey
  • Now you will enter into the questionnaire section
Longhorn survey questions
Longhorn survey questions
  • There are some rudimentary types of questions to answer.
  • The questions are basically related to their shops, food quality and quality of their service and also about their employees.
  • And also, there is a comment box that forgives some comments about their questions or about their services.
Longhornsurvey questions
Longhornsurvey questions
  • Since all the questions are based on your own experience with the restaurants so candidates are requiring to give their answers on their own and solely.

About the Prize

An independent jury of the judges will conduct the random drawing for each and every entry. The winners are announced for each and every entry. There are five (5) prize winners, each consisting of one (1) $100 gift card to Darden Restaurants.


Since all the LongHorn Steakhouse was owned and operated by Darden Restaurants so the prize winners are used their gift cards in Darden Restaurants also. The holistic concept of Longhornsurvey is to get the customers to feedback about their services, food quality, food tastes, and their employees’ manner as well as about their hospitality so the participants are requested to give the answers honestly and get the rewards for your honesty. You can also talk about this survey to your family members, relatives, friends, and neighbourhoods and make them a prize winner.

Longhorn Survey FAQ’s

1. Is there is an age limit to participate in the Longhorn survey?
Ans: Yes, you must be completed 18 years old or older than that.

2. Any people can participate in this Longhorn survey?
Ans: No, the citizens of the US, Guam, Puerto or Canada (excluding Quebec) are only entitled to take a part in the survey.

3. Is the purchase code is mandatory?
Ans: Yes, a purchase code is mandatory to do this survey.

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