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Getgolistens customer satisfaction survey:– Getgolistens is all about the customer satisfaction survey which was arranged by GetGo to improve their standards and services with the help of their valuable customer’s suggestions and feedbacks. So, this survey is about how the customer got satisfied or not based on answering their questions given on the survey website.


Getgolistens also helps their customers to get feedback about their services too. GetGo always works hard to satisfy and make their customers happy, in that way they have provided rewards for their customers who participate in their survey randomly. The customers all have to do is just to participate in the survey and lucky customers get rewards in the back.

Origin of Getgolistens- Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle– an American supermarket chain that has stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana and Maryland. Giant Eagle was first founded in 1918 in Pittsburgh. In 2003, Giant Eagle decided to go across many customers and decided for a chain of convenience stores and was named GetGo. It is a popular store which trades with various products like beverages, gift cards, snacks, fuels, lottery sales and so on. They wished to have a successful presence among other stores and their customers.

About getgo
About getgo

GetGo also provided an advantage card which is an electronic loyalty card discount in early 1991. This was popular among various chains too. So, from the early days till now always works to satisfy their customers in all possible ways. So, to improve their business further and to attract more customers they have arranged for Getgolistens, customer satisfaction survey. The perks to participating in this survey for their customers are about rewards. In this post let us see about the rules, requirements, how to participate in the survey and also about its rewards. You can also try Publixsurvey and TJXCanadaopinion Survey to win a $1000 gift card

Getgolistens- Rules to be followed

GetGo has few sets of rules to participate in this Getgolistens. The following are the rules,

  • The first and the foremost rule to participate in this Getgolistens is the customer should be at least 18years old.
  • The customer should be a resident of the United States, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania or West Virginia.
  • In the alternative, the cash will not be available
  • In this survey, the Employee cannot participate and there are no privileges for them.
  • According to law, this survey cannot be done wherever prohibits.
  • The customer should know the English language to both write and read.
  • The receipt provided for the recent purchase will be valid 5 days and after the survey, the reward offer expires within 30 days.
  • Only one person can participate in the GetGo survey with a receipt.
  • So, following these above rules and regulation, one can participate in this survey.

Getgolistens – Requirements necessary

As the rules mentioned above similarly there are some requirements that need to be followed to complete this Getgo survey. The following are some requirements to be followed,

  • The customer should be having the necessary devices to participate in Getgolistens like desktop, smartphones or laptop.
  • Then they also should have a good internet connection to complete this Survey.
  • The main requirement is to have the receipt for the most recent purchase from GetGo.
  • Customer should know the English language to both reads and write.
  • The customer must be at least 18 years old to perform this Getgo Survey.
  • By fulfilling these requirements one can begin their survey without any delay and win rewards.

Procedure to complete Getgolistens Survey

By following the below procedure step by step one can complete the Getgolistens survey and win the rewards as mentioned,

Take getgo survey
Take getgo survey
  • Then the customer needs to enter the survey code mentioned in your respective receipt to start the survey.
Getgo survey questions
Getgo survey questions
  • As soon as you enter the survey page there will be few questions that help you to express your experience at their services. So the customer should answer those questions based on the experience.
getgolistens survey question
Getgolistens survey question
  • After answering all the questions one can submit their survey page but before that, the page will ask further more questions like the customer personal details like contact number, mail ID etc to contact them later.
getgo customer satisfaction survey
getgo customer satisfaction survey
  • Then you will receive your rewards as mentioned.
  • So, by following the above steps the customer can complete their Getgo survey.

Getgolistens- Rewards

The customers who participate in the Getgolistens customer satisfaction survey will get rewards once they complete their Survey process completely by giving all their details asked on the survey page. The reward for the participated customers is a $200 GetGo gift card which can be redeemed at their next visit within 30 days.

FAQ’S on Getgolistens- survey

1. Will all the customers who participate in the receipt will get a reward?
Ans: Yes, once the Getgolistens survey completed you will get a reward

2. What will be the reward for the participants of Getgolistens?
Ans: The participants will get a $200 GetGo gift card as a reward.

3. Can I redeem the reward as cash?
Ans: No, the reward cannot be redeemed as cash.


Getgolistens survey is arranged by GetGo in order to get to know about their business and services based on the customer perception. So, with the help of rules, requirements, above mentioned procedures, one can easily participate and complete the Getgo customer survey which helps them to win their rewards. This Getgolistens helps GetGo to improve their services and business too. For any further queries can mention below, we will help you out.

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